Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald Finalize Divorce

Well, it's official: Almost a year after announcing their split, Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald's marriage is over. It's over over. The couple went public with their separation back in March of 2014, Reed filed for divorce in May, Reed began dating Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder near the end of the summer, and Reed and McDonald's divorce was finalized on Dec. 26.

As is par for the divorce course, the Twilight actress and the American Idol alumnus divvied up their assets. According to TMZ, Reed won their dog, three places of residence*, three vehicles, and “various other belongings.” McDonald walked away from the settlement with their Nashville house. TMZ reports both parties agreed to waive off alimony.

*My goodness, that is so many homes. Whenever I read about wealthy people who own multiple houses, I can't help but think about all of the dust that inevitably collects. (Boy howdy, I am so cool!) I mean, I get overwhelmed by the dust that accumulates in my tiny apartment. (WHY DO THE BASEBOARDS GET SO DUSTY SO FAST?! An hour after I Swiffer 'em, BAM. A fresh coat of dust.) If I was a super wealthy person with four dwellings, I imagine I—or whoever my richie-rich self decided to charge with the task of dusting—would feel like Sisyphus rolling an enormous dust bunny up an endless hill. Ugh. There'd be so. Much. Dust. My eyes water and itch at the thought of it.

It's probably safe to assume that I am not cut out for the richie-rich life.

...I'm very sorry for that dust rant. And I'm sorry I made this piece of news about me and my neuroses. I'm going to move along now before I get worked up about calcium buildup on plumbing fixtures.