All The Street Style You Need To See This Year

If you're looking for a fashion retrospective to reflect on the passing of the bygone year, look no further. This Racked street style supercut for 2014 features all the great, and transcendent, and the old school bananas style of the last 365 days. Enjoy it with a glass of champagne and a grainy record of Auld Lang Sang playing in the background, curled up next to your Kate Spade book clutch.

This past week, Racked National released a comprehensive montage of the year's most covetable outfits in under two minutes. They got flower-crown-laden Coachella fashion. They got fashion week fashion. Furthermore, they got fashion people out on the regs. Looking back at all the Wintour-spottings, colored fur, '90s reminiscent clothing and bags that look like food really underscores 2014 as a madcap year in fashion. Sure, the fashion set is predisposed to peacock with fashion pretty much every year. But 2014 was a year that stood out for ultra-playful trends. Rainbow hair became widespread. Holographic accessories took over, from mini backpacks to high-top sneakers. Cheeky prints like lips and pizza ran wild. Last but not least, crop tops achieved world domination.

It was a year when the offbeat took precedence, and we should all feel proud to have been alive during this heyday of fashion with a sense of humor. Here's to using this video as inspiration and carrying over the endearingly wacky fashion into the New Year!