'The Flash' Will Return with Caitlin in Trouble

The Flash has never been afraid to pull punches, and they're getting right back at it when the first season returns to The CW on Jan. 20. The promo for the tenth episode, titled "Revenge of the Rogues," shows Caitlin getting kidnapped by Flash villain Captain Cold. What does Leonard Snart want with the future Killer Frost? Is he trying to create an avalanche? Maybe he needs tech support for the cold gun, and thinks that kidnapping Caitlin will get to Cisco Ramon. Maybe he just wants a duet partner for a karaoke rendition of "Do You Want To Build A Snowman."

It appears that Captain Cold is going to be a major player on this series. Peyton List was recently cast as Lisa Snart, his younger sister. Also, Snart will allegedly be joined by Mick Rory, a criminal and pyromaniac known as "Heat Wave" in DC Comics. He will be played by Wentworth Miller's Prison Break co-star Dominic Purcell. Cute! This makes sense, as Captain Cold is a major Flash antagonist in the comics, and leads the group of villains that call themselves The Rogues. I wonder what other metahumans and evil-doers have assembled while the CW show was taking a midseason break. The team may be focused on Reverse-Flash, but he may need to be a long-term goal if the other criminals are organizing like this.

It seems like Leonard and Mick will be another "fire and ice" pair, like Caitlin and Ronnie Raymond. Maybe the two of them kidnapped Caitlin for relationship advice. I wonder how Heat Wave's powers will differ from Firestorm. Though, to be fair, we have barely scratched the surface of what happened to Ronnie Raymond after the particle accelerator explosion.

Captain Cold is probably trying to get to Barry Allen by kidnapping someone close to him. It's cliché, but so is almost everything that comes out of Cisco's mouth. The episode description does say that Snart is setting a trap for The Flash and the promo shows him making a specific threat to kill Caitlin if The Flash doesn't show himself. Maybe Captain Cold has beef with Barry's hidden identity.

We know Leonard Snart isn't great at shipping Flash characters, that's for sure. Still, I'm confused as to why he wants to get to Barry. They parted on pretty decent terms. Leonard even thanked him for the challenging confrontation. He is very good at what he does without any metahuman powers. Hey, maybe that's what he and his buddy want! I don't think Heat Wave is a metahuman either. He just has a "hot gun" and a talent for fire. The other criminals might be getting jealous that the gifted individuals are getting all the crime and glory.

Again, Caitlin Snow is the wrong person to kidnap in this situation. Take that complaint to Harrison Wells, if you ask me. Here's the trailer for the upcoming episode, which will have to hold us over until The Flash finally returns, with Captain Cold in tow.

Images: Cate Cameron/The CW; Getty Images