Photo Proof of Kylie's Lip Lining Skills

Lips are in for 2015. Seriously, Kylie Jenner's expertly-lined lips will be the 2015 beauty trend, signaling our culture's preference for a single, statement feature. The teen's lips are replacing the bold, Cara Delevingne brow.

While the youngest Kardashian sister and her lips have been the subject of much national conversation, with the main discussion revolving around whether or not she has resorted to plumping up her lips with injectables at just 17 years of age. However, these recent Instagram snaps sorta prove that she really is deft with lip liner, as her big sister Kim suggested, and her lip look can be copied without a doctor's assistance. End. Of. Story.

These snaps answer the injection question. You can see that Jenner is lining past her natural top lip, tracing the sweet spot just above the cupid's bow. There is some natural fullness to her bottom lip, but she is taking liberties with the outline. It's her version of artistic license. You have to have some serious dexterity to trace past the lip line, since can you end up looking like you put your liner and stick on with with a trowel, sans mirror.

Her power pout is puffy but it doesn't look fake here. Look closely at the upper lip line. If she was shooting up, they would always look the same size.

Again, you can see that she is coloring outside the lines. She smartly focuses on lips and lashes, playing up her fave and best features.

Oh, and her New Year's Eve photo, which featured her wrapped in a tight red top, sparked some chatter about nipple piercing. Yeah, I just don't see it. It's a bit of a stretch. Them skills and those lips, though. My point about going outside the lines is further proven.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (3)