You've Probably Had Food From Soules Farms

Remember when Bachelorette Andi went to Iowa to visit "nice guy" Chris Soules for his hometown date, and it went really well until Chris said there was an opportunity to be a homemaker (not that there is anything wrong with being a homemaker, but he said this to an assistant District Attorney for Atlanta...). After he said that, the relationship seemed doomed. So now that Chris Soules is the Bachelor, and there is a good chance that whatever woman he falls in love with will end up in Iowa, it seems time to familiarize ourselves with the Soules family farm and what the future Mrs. Soules will need to know about Chris' career.

First off, Chris seems to have been working in farming for a very long time. Not only did he surround himself with it in college, but in addition to working and running his family's farm, he also works for another farming company, Summit Farms, in farm management, or a broker for real estate (farm real estate, not houses).

When it comes to his family farm, Chris' farm grows corn. So note to the women that are hoping to win Chris over: LIKE CORN, that's step one (if you don't like it, learn to). Step two is to make up "corny" jokes and see how they land with him.

Chris' family farm grows corn just like the majority of Iowa and its farmers. If you've ever driven through the state, you'll know that there isn't much to look at but fields... lots of fields of corn and somewhere, tucked inside, Chris Soules. According to the Official Website for Iowa Corn (yeah, it has its own website), in 2014, Iowa corn farmers farmed 2.4 billion bushels of field corn. And while you might not know what a bushel is, just know that 2.4 billion of them is a lot.

So what are the chances that you've actually eaten some of Chris' corn? Let's go with "maybe." Field corn is different from sweet corn, which is what we usually eat. Field corn is used for livestock feed, processed foods like corn starch, and some cereals. So if you're really into corn flakes, maybe, just maybe there is a piece of corn in there that has been within the vicinity of Chris Soules. And if that is the case, consider yourself blessed.

Images: Matthew Putney/ABC