Emma Roberts & Evan Peters: A Retrospective

by Arielle Dachille

The love story of Emma Roberts and Evan Peters is a modern epic in the vein of Abelard et Heloise. Welp, maybe that's the Internet hyperbole talking, but these two certainly had a long road to betrothal. We're in desperate need of a timeline of Emma Roberts and Evan Peters' relationship. Hey, we could all afford to know our celebrities a little better, right?

Inquiring minds must have more information about this affair that seems to vacillate between passion and acrimony. First they liked each other, but thought the other one was totally apathetic. Then, they were hopelessly in love, and frolicked down the craft services tables on the American Horror Story set holding hands and making out. Then, they were calling the cops on one another for domestic disputes, and now they're engaged. Ay caramba!! HOW do we keep track of all of this? I’m already getting whiplash from the manic ping-pong match of their love.

It’s time we sat down and took inventory of this torrid affair, because I can’t afford another trip to the chiropractor. In order to make some sense out of their saga, let's look back at the history of Emma Roberts' and Evan Peters' love.

Late 2011 - Early 2012

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Peters and Roberts meet while filming the indie comedy Adult World. Shortly before, Roberts was involved with Chord Overstreet and Peters was dating Alexia Quinn. However, thoughts of Chord apparently dissipated when Roberts met Peters. The actress recounted to Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately in 2013 that she was interested in her fiancé from the beginning, and immediately thought "we're totally gonna date." However, Peters "literally didn't speak to [her] the entire movie. [She] thought it was so weird."

Spring 2012

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According to the New York Daily News, this is when Adult World wrapped and the pair began officially dating. Despite what Roberts told Handler, Peters said that he and Roberts "both really liked each other so it was a little difficult to work" on the set of the film. Hm, OK. That's not really what Roberts thought, but sure!

Early 2013

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Roberts joins the cast of American Horror Story: Coven, the series that Peters has been on since 2011. Lovers become co-workers.

July 2013

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Roberts is arrested for an instance of alleged domestic violence against Peters. As TMZ reports, Peters was allegedly found with a bloody nose and a bite mark, after the two had an altercation. However, he decided not to press charges.

July 2013: Part 2

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THEY'RE FINE, GUYS!! The Daily Mail reported that the pair was seen being lovey-dovey on the set of AHS: Coven in New Orleans. Nothing to worry about here, folks.

January 2014

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As People reports, Peters proposed to Roberts during a holiday trip to London. Later on in the month, Roberts dished to Chelsea Handler about how she and Peters began dating. After mentioning that she didn't really think he liked her very much at first, she remembers the tides turning: "He texted me, and then we got together."

July 2014

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Peters and Roberts are spotted out at a cocktail party in the wee hours of the morning one night, and Roberts appears to be disgruntled and crying on Peters' shoulder. Plenty of celeb news outlets claimed this as a "trouble in paradise" moment, but it looks to me like an instance of Roberts getting a smidge tired and cranky. We've all been there.

December 2014

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A source told OK! Magazine that the couple's mercurial relationship was driving their AHS: Freak Show co-stars bonkers. “Basically, as soon as the director yells, 'Cut,' Emma and Evan are making out,” the insider said. “That is, if they’re not screaming at each other.”

January 2015

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Peters and Roberts remain engaged. We're not sure when they're planning to get married, but if you're taking bets, my money is on the not too distant future.

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