11 American Girls Dolls' Outfits Ranked Because Seriously, Marie-Grace? Seriously. — PHOTOS

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Not all American Girls are made equal. With the arrival of 2015's American Girl of the Year Grace Thomas, we reflect on the superiority of the original American Girl dolls in the enduring doll emporium. It's been almost three decades since Pleasant Company rolled out the its first American Girl characters and about two years since those characters shifted from exclusively historic to more modern. Meaning, there's no reason we shouldn't expect Francophile Grace to set various baking times on her iPhone.

With gadgets and animal sidekicks always evolving, so did overall fashion comprehension. Some girls inherently oozed class and poise with very on fleek get-ups, appropriate to their specific time period and setting, often even transcending to future decades. Others, well, they tried really hard. They committed to headwear with conviction and gave it an honest go. But, hey, tying fabric around your hair and head takes a little practice. It's OK, Samantha.

Let's review the heroic and catastrophic moments in American Girl fashion. The good (inventive braiding tactics, rich jewel tones, fluffy necklines), the bad (French Quarters-inspired pastry palette, touristy T-shirts), and the ugly (gingham really isn't for everyone). It's true: Judging people solely based on their clothing choice is fairly vapid and that's a good lesson to teach young girls (American Girls' intended audience, presumably) early on. But seriously, Marie-Grace? Are you even trying?

Image: *AGLights*/Flickr

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