Proof That 'Parks and Rec's Ron Swanson Is the Smartest Person You Know

Eight days. That's all that is standing between us and the premiere of Parks and Recreation 's seventh and final season on NBC, which kicks off on Jan. 13 with back-to-back episodes. And then, come Feb. 24 the series will be gone for good. It's a bittersweet reality to face, especially given how much we've all grown to love each and every one of these characters (yes, even Jerry) throughout the past six years. But thankfully we still have some time until that dark day occurs. (I say "dark day" because I have every intention of hiding under the covers, weeping uncontrollably after the series finale FYI.) So clearly, we should make the most out of every moment we have left with these Pawnee residents and, for me, that includes talking about my favorite Parks and Rec character Ron Swanson as much as humanly possible.

This man. This myth. This legend has filled my heart with so much joy I can't even begin to repay him. (But if I did, it would clearly be in the form of bacon.) Not only has Nick Offerman managed to make a grouchy boss downright lovable, but he's also given us some great advice to live by even when this show is long gone from our television screens. (*Sobs*) So in honor of this extraordinary man and his iconic pyramid of greatness, I thought now would be a good time to showcase some of Ron's famous words of wisdom that prove he's actually the smartest person you know. For instance…

Social Interaction Is Overrated

What's in a name? A potential insult, apparently.

Don't Spread Yourself Too Thin

Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.

Never Feel the Need to Seek Outside Approval

You do you and praise will inevitably follow.

Be Open to New Ideas

Thinking outside the box is important for creative growth, after all.

Confidence Is the Key to Success

And to a fully belly.

Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day

No matter what time it is.

Don't Be Afraid to Speak Hard Truths

Especially when they're in the form of metaphors.

Tough Love Is Sometimes Necessary

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

When It's Important, Speak Your Mind

Communication can solve all your problems.

Embrace Modern Technology

You'll come to see what all the fuss was about.

Know Your Strengths & Weaknesses

(But tell no one.)

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

When really everybody is watching.

And Always Be Prepared

Especially when it comes to bacon.

Images: Colleen Hayes/NBC; Giphy (13)