Grown Men Play Heavy Metal on Children's Instruments and It's Surprisingly Badass — VIDEO

Happy afternoon! If there was ever a great way to interrupt your day, it's this: watching two grown men playing heavy metal music on bright pink children's instruments. The two genius musicians are of disparate age; one appears to be possibly middle aged (judging by his bald patch and dad sweater) and the other looks like an early-20s hipster (judging by his trendy hair cut, baby face and plaid shirt). In a perfect world, they're father and son, and the hot pink drum set and guitar they're playing on belongs to their baby daughter/sister. The most heartwarming part of all is the look of pure, unadulterated joy on these full grown men's faces as they play head-banging music on whimsical, elf-sized instruments. It's adorable.

The pair (from "Pasquale Custom Guitars") are apparently playing a Slayer mashup, not that I'd know the difference because metal really isn't my scene. Although I never listen to music like this, there's something very appealing about seeing it played this way. Maybe all metal musicians should take note, and pick up some pink kids' instruments for their next tour. It could be a sub-genre within a genre: "Metal with Pink Guitars". It would be a great way to entice the "screaming little girl whose parents would take her to any concert to make her happy" demographic, because as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and basically anyone in show business knows, that's where the money is. Watch the guys jam out below, and watch out for the potential owner of the instruments in a "blink and you'll miss it" cameo towards the end.