'Game of Thrones' — In Theaters?

If there's one television show that truly deserves a theatrical release, there's really no contest: It's Game of Thrones, hands down. I mean, the show is basically already filmed in a theatrical format — remember the highly acclaimed season 2 episode, "Blackwater," helmed by film director Neil Marshall? — so it's only fitting that it one day actually grace the big screen, or, even better, the significantly bigger IMAX screen. Luckily, that's pretty much exactly what this news is: According to EW, Game of Thrones is set to receive a week-long IMAX release at the end of January, in anticipation of the series' upcoming spring 2015 season 5 premiere.

Don't get too excited just yet, though — this doesn't mean a Game of Thrones film has been in the works all this time. Instead, HBO plans to screen the final two episodes of season 4 on about 150 IMAX screens, along with the brand-new season 5 trailer. It'll be the first television series to ever screen on IMAX, which is a pretty big deal: If this event sells well, it's possible it could be precedent for other shows to screen episodes in IMAX (*coughcough*The Walking Dead*coughcough*).

So, yes, while this isn't exactly super new material, the idea of seeing any bit of this show in IMAX is still a pretty great one — if only to see Jon Snow's silky smooth mane glam up the North on the super big screen, like something out of a medieval Herbal Essences commercial.

Plus, new season 5 trailer? It's about time.

So, when is this even going down? According to IMAX, the event will begin on January 23, and conclude screenings on January 29.

Image: tinyheroes/Tumblr