This Guy 3D Printed His Own Batman Costume


We already know from the story about a baby with a heart defect who was saved by a 3D printer and the dog with 3D printed wheelchair that made him mobile again that this new-fangled 3D printing technology can make a hero out of anyone. But did you know it can make an actual, literal superhero out of you? That's what this guy who 3D printed his own Batman costume figured out, and the results will blow your mind. As a person who has attended more than a few Comic Cons and nursed a minor Batman obsession (OK, I was Batgirl two years in a row for Halloween) in high school, I can attest to the eerie accuracy of the Arkham Origins costume.

The man behind the mask is Steven Kee of Crimson Croscraft, who says he "dabbles in 3D prop making." I'm going to go ahead and say that this is a hell of a lot more than dabbling. If this catches on, it could change the entire face of cosplay. What's a girl gotta do to get a Nebula pattern around here, eh??

If this isn't enough motivation to go out and get your own 3D printer, then consider that it's actually a lot easier to use than you think. I was in Staples the other day and the colors you can choose are so electric and fun that you might be tempted to print a costume like this in obnoxious bright pink (at least you'd be almost a hundred percent certain that nobody had the same costume as you that year!). Here's the Arkham Origins Batman costume in its full and decidedly un-pink glory:

Not to be outdone, of course, by THIS 3D printed Batman gem:

Images: GeekTyrant/Twitter