Where Is 'Wahlburgers'? The Wahlberg-Owned Restaurant Has A Classic New England Backdrop

The third season of A&E's Wahlburgers returns Wednesday Jan 7. Does the Wahlberg brother reality series have you salivating to pay a visit to their establishment? Where exactly is the actual Wahlburgers restaurant located? The website and show say it's in Boston, which is technically accurate. The accents and menu items named after Red Sox players definitely give that much away, However, it is in a place where my "wicked" saying, chowderhead, Massachusetts-born, Cape Codder roommate never took me during the two years that I lived in Boston, that's for sure! I'm not bitter or anything. To be fair, the restaurant wasn't exactly near our apartment.

Wahlburgers is in Hingham, Massachusetts, on the Hingham Shipyard. It's just over fourteen miles outside of Downtown Boston. While it is south of Boston, it's not the "Southie" you may have heard of, so don't make that mistake. The shipyard and surrounding area are part of Dorchester, a historic and diverse Boston neighborhood. You could easily make a day of it. Who knows? You might run into a Wahlberg, or one of their many exciting guest stars.

Is It Worth The Trip? (Like, What if Mark Isn't There?)

It's definitely worth a visit from what I can tell. Wahlburgers has favorable Yelp reviews and a pretty exciting looking menu. If you aren't from New England, be prepared to call what you might have thought was a milkshake a "frappe" instead. No, not like a frappucino of Starbucks fame. It's a whole thing to do with ice cream and ingredients and I don't want to get into it. Luckily, Wahlburgers serves alcoholic "adult frappes," so any cultural faux pas will soon be forgotten. If boozy dessert doesn't tempt you into the Wahlberg family business, I don't know what will.

OK, But Is It Like, Easy to Get There?

If you and your funky bunch are planning a Wahlburgers pilgrimage and you don't have a car, never fear. You can get there by public transportation from Boston proper. It's a hike, but it's possible and you have several options. Take the MBTA Red Line to Quincy Center, and then take the 220 bus towards Hingham Square, getting off at Lincoln Street and Sgt. Terry Drive (if I'm abbreviating that street name wrong, Bostonians, please forgive me). You can also take the Hingham Ferry to the shipyard from Rowe's Wharf in Boston Harbor. I would recommend that mode of transportation, myself. We, as a people, don't travel by boat nearly as much as we used to. Why not enjoy the view on your way to a delicious burger and frappe?

But Wait, There's More

This Hingham Shipyard location may be the most famous, the site of the reality series, and your best bet at seeing Mark, Donnie or Paul. However, Wahlburgers has grand plans to become the next Shake Shack. Or Whattaburger, Five Guys, In-And-Out — whatever trendy burger joint you have in your area, the Wahlbergs are coming for you. They already have a Toronto Wahlburgers location, so the chain is officially international. The Canadian restaurant is quite accessible by public transportation. The expansion plan includes New York City, Vegas, Miami and Philadelphia. Look out, world! Wahlburgers are coming.

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