Taylor Swift Wears Mini Skirt Despite It Being, You Know, the Winter — And Hey, So Can You

Taylor Swift, singer of songs and wearer of crop tops, has proven more than once recently that she simply does not feel cold weather. On New Year's Eve she sported a cropped tank to perform in freezing Times Square and now, Taylor Swift has been wearing a mini skirt. Outside. In winter. But hey, at least she layered up this time.

Tay Tay was snapped by photographers while leaving her West Village apartment wearing a black peacoat, white turtleneck, purple mini, and tights. Yes, a mini in January. Who knew that Swift was basically Elsa from Frozen? The "Blank Space" singer accessorized the with a jaunty bowler hat, heeled oxfords, and an olive green purse. My favorite part of her outfit has to be the embroidered "Doctor Meredith Grey" cat carrier that she was holding, mostly because it indicates her beautiful kitty was inside

Don't get me wrong here ― T. Swift looks pretty cozy here. I'm just amazed at anyone who has the emotional fortitude to brave polar vortex-level temps in anything less warm than a parka. Every time I do the tights-and-mini thing when it's below 50 degrees outside I wind up wishing I'd worn millions of layers instead. However, our favorite "nightmare dressed like a daydream" looks so... comfortable that she has me wanting to break out the wintertime minis more often.

The key to the cold-weather short skirt, besides the thickest tights you can find, is fabric. You'll want to opt for something thicker, like wool or velvet, to hold in as much warmth as possible. Here are five cute options that I believe would be Taylor-approved.

1. Plaid Mini, $49.50, factory.jcrew.com

2. Topshop Velvet Mini Skirt, $55, nordstrom.com

3. Kimchi Blue Flirty Cable-Knit Sweater Skirt, $69, urbanoutfitters.com

4. Rebecca Minkoff 'Jackson' Asymmetrical Tweed Skirt, $248, nordstrom.com

5. Topshop Quilted Faux Leather Skirt, $41.99, nordstrom.com

Images: Courtesy Brands