'Fashion Dads' Instagram Account Is On Fleek

One reason I truly love fashion is because it allows for freedom of individuality in which each person can make it their own. It is an all-encompassing art that provides a wide spectrum of people with a creative outlet to express themselves, including budding fashionistas, style bloggers, and... dads? Yes, that's right. Normal fathers around the world have now entered the world of fashion, personally documenting their "style" on this hilarious "Fashion Dads" Instagram account.

Whoever started this is a genius, because it's the most amazing form of entertainment I've seen yet. The photos showcase the quintessential dad fashion, including stereotypical "dad jeans" paired with those slightly nerdy new balance sneakers we all know and love. The hashtags are EVERYTHING. They are totally what makes this subtle form of mockery so incredibly amusing. Some of my favorites are #LumberSexual, #DenimDiva, and #ThighGame. LOL.

I have been patiently waiting for someone to step forth with a clever ploy to make fun of outrageous fashion bloggers – and I'm sure I'm not alone on this. It's all in good fun of course, no harm mean to be done here. The account is now accepting style submissions from real life dads and I hope to God you don't mistakingly find yours on there...

Here are some amazing highlights.

Socks and Crocs Are Totally Making a Comeback

Blue Jeans + New Balances = The Ultimate Dad Ensemble

All Red Everything #thighgamestrong

Dads Do Après-Ski

Image: fashiondads/Instagram