When Are Marcus & Lacy Getting Married? This 'Bachelor in Paradise' Couple Couldn't Be More In Love — PHOTOS

With a new season of The Bachelor with Chris Soules stretching before us, it can be easy to forget that not that long ago we had another Bachelor Nation proposal. Relationships come and go so quickly in this reality TV world, which is why I was so surprised to see that Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd are still engaged and earnestly planning their wedding. To be honest, I forgot about them the day the Bachelor in Paradise finale aired, but a quick check-in with the couple has reminded me that they're not only in love, but they're utterly adorable.

After falling for each other in just a short few weeks, Marcus proposed to Lacy on the beach Bachelor-style and she said yes. Since then the couple has faded into the background a bit as excitement for Chris Soules' season ramped up. But at the premiere party Monday night, the two showed up arm-in-arm looking more in love than ever. Although it hasn't been long since they got engaged they're already planning the wedding and aiming for a summer ceremony. "We're split 80/40 on the exact date right now," Lacy told Chris Harrison in a nod to her infamous Bachelor in Paradise math mixup.

But amidst planning their wedding, what else has the happy couple been up to? Oh you know, just being cute.

Dressing Up Like Elves

Cheesy? Yes. Adorable? Absolutely. These dorks are a match made in heaven.

Releasing a Perfume

It's called "I Do" because of course.

Watching Reality TV Together

The couple born out of reality television love, also loves to watch reality television together. Go figure.

Having a Generally Adorable Little Family

I love a man who loves his girlfriend's small dog. There's something really precious about the bond between boyfriend and tiny pup.

Looks like Marcus and Lacy are as cheesy and in love as always. Their relationship may have come out of strange circumstances, but it's every bit as real as the regular Bachelor brand of love. (Maybe even more so!) Hopefully their summer wedding will be on ABC so we can see what kind of quirky, romantic ceremony they cook up.

Never stop, you two.