Nanette Lepore Doing Homewares and Lifestyle Now, So Get Ready to Fill Your Apartment with All Sorts Of Whimsy

2015 already appears to be a year of rebranding and multitasking if the fashion industry is any indication. In addition to her heavily patterned and vibrantly-hued ready-to-wear clothing line, Nanette Lepore will add homewares and lifestyle products to her brand this year, so prepare to inject your life with even more of the designer's whimsical world view. Located in New York City, the company has formed a partnership with branding and licensing company Bluestar Alliance to explore other retail arenas which Nanette Lepore consumers might be interested to see on the shelves of high end department stores. Said Lepore of the business development:

What I liked about this deal is that I have the opportunity to have investment in my core company, and I still have complete control over my core company.

An amalgamation of Kate Spade's prep, the edgy femininity of Camilla and Marc, and the pattern play of vintage Rykiel, the 1990-founded company began its climb to notoriety slowly, with a series of financial setbacks paving the path to success. A mere $5,000 sum kickstarted the Lepore company, creating the opportunity for the designer to make her mark on the fashion industry. However, Nanette Lepore now occupies a coveted space in the New York Fashion Week lineup and dresses a number of high-profile clients. The only way to go is up in terms of the company's development, and for the designer behind the brand, the development is most logical in terms of creating more lifestyle products, accessories, and homewares.

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In simpler terms, don't be surprised if you happen across your BFF rocking Nanette Lepore shades while sporting a Nanette Lepore bracelet and walking her dog with a Nanette Lepore leash. Lepore also suggested that her label may soon offer a customization option for loyal consumers. Nanette Lepore currently offers a select extras including scarves, bedding, and handbags, but the deal with Bluestar Alliance will widen the company's breadth of products considerably. Especially in the middle of a particularly bitter winter, the world could use a bit more of Lepore's effervescent energy and dynamic designs.

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