Bradley Cooper's Air Guitar Skills on 'Tonight Show' Will Leave You Breathless — VIDEO

Warning: nothing you do can prepare you to see Bradley Cooper's air guitar skills on The Tonight Show . When the actor took the stage on his 40th birthday to air-shred Neil Young's solo from "Down By the River," it started out tame, but built into one of his most epic TV moments of all time. It doesn't help that he's wearing a huge afro hat that host Jimmy Fallon gave him for his birthday while he does it, which is paired oddly with a very business-casual outfit. As Cooper moves throughout the studio and even into the audience to prop his leg up on unsuspecting women's chairs to finish off the song, it only gets better. You'll laugh, you'll laugh-cry, and you'll probably feel some secondhand embarrassment for the ladies in question as they don't know how to handle what's happening. It's kind of like Magic Mike but with clothes on and air guitars instead, but I'll let you watch for yourself and decide below.

This isn't the first time that Cooper has had fun with Fallon on the late-night show. They recently played Egg Russian Roulette and have also done Faceketball in the past, two prime examples of how goofy and hilarious the 40-year-old actor can be. Plus, he also ages really well, so there's that to celebrate too.