Stephen Colbert Reacts To His Emmy Win In Best Way

By now, you're probably aware that Stephen Colbert and The Colbert Report managed to break longtime frenemies Jon Stewart and The Daily Show's 10-year win at the Emmys this past Sunday. If not, well... you know now, don't you? Anyway, while Stephen Colbert may have seemed all sweet and grateful and gracious on stage, thanking everyone who works on the show and all that, it turns out that was just him being a little lovedrunk — but thankfully, Stephen Colbert the character cleared it up in a clip on last night's episode of his show.

The clip is flawless Colbert Report, and kind of makes you see why exactly they won that Emmy. It starts off with Colbert showing his Emmys to the audience, before stating that he'd gotten a little "lovedrunk" on stage and accidentally thanked "other people" who work on the show when he meant to only thank himself. Then he states that this victory is only made sweeter by the fact that he broke Stewart's 10-year win at the Emmys, and proceeds to call him so he can gloat. I won't give too much away part that, because it's worth watching, but I will say that Jon Stewart comes out from backstage and the two share...a moment. So to speak.

You can check the clip out below.

And here's Stewart's really sweet Daily Show response, just because: