Sexist Gorilla at the Dallas Zoo Has To Move to South Carolina

Life is hard being a man-gorilla. There are all these females nagging at you about your sleeping space, and sharing your food and never, ever making you a sandwich.

Maybe that's why Patrick, a gorilla at the Dallas zoo, has started displaying sexist tendencies. Though Patrick is very friendly with humans and has become a real visitor favorite, zoo officials say that Patrick is pretty anti-social when it comes to other gorillas and has had a real problem with females of late, biting one and sneering at another. It sounds to us like maybe Patrick is just really bad at flirting, but the behavior is causing problems for the Dallas zoo.

Though zookeepers were hoping Patrick might get over his sexism and anti-social behavior and maybe even mate or at the very least be able to move out of his solo habitat, he shows no signs of an attitude adjustment anytime soon. I feel you Patrick. Other people bug me, too. But unfortunately for Patrick, the zoo now needs that habitat to make space for two new males, including one who break-dances. No really. It's a break-dancing gorilla. You think we could make this stuff up?

Patrick will go to a zoo in South Carolina that has a track record of taking on gorillas with behavior problems. They are hopeful that Patrick will eventually be able to live with other males in a regular gorilla bachelor pad. Of course, this may just be a ploy by Patrick to get himself out of Texas. I mean, if I was born in New York City, raised in Toronto, and then got stuck in Dallas for 18 years, I might try to get relocated too.

Image: Patrick Rolands/Fotolia