Can Gina Rodriguez Take Home a Golden Globe?

It goes without saying that Jane The Virgin has been one of the biggest comedy hits of the 2014 fall season — but will Gina Rodriguez win the Golden Globe this Sunday? Her nomination for playing Jane Villanueva was a breath of fresh air in a category filled with old hats that didn't even include Amy Poehler. I'm sorry, I know Edie Falco is great, but I have yet to meet a real person who watched Nurse Jackie. But can Rodriguez win? Unfortunately, I wouldn't hold my breath. While it's entirely possible, a freshman CW series may not have the gravitas to win in this category. The nomination was great news for The CW, who is new to the Globes scene with this series. However, the show is up against two HBO sitcoms, a Showtime comedy, and Netflix dramedy powerhouse Orange Is The New Black. The Jane The Virgin star is a talented lady and very cool, but I don't think this is her time just yet.

Rodriguez has been a working actress for almost a decade. Along with a multitude of television guest appearances, she appeared on The Bold And The Beautiful for 15 episodes. She won an ALMA award for Filly Brown and starred in the dance movie Go For It! — however, Jane The Virgin is really her breakout role. Can it bring Rodriguez her first Golden Globe? Here's how her chances break down.

Past Winners

While Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been dominating the Emmys and Screen Actor's Guild Awards for her role as Selina Meyer on Veep, the Golden Globes have been a little more diverse in this category. Amy Poehler won last year (finally) for Parks and Recreation and Lena Dunham won the year before that for Girls. Prior to that, other Showtime and HBO leading ladies reigned supreme.

It's Lena Dunham's win that gives me the most hope that Rodriquez could take home the trophy. Dunham won for the first season of Girls, so we know that the Hollywood Foreign Press isn't necessarily afraid of new shows. Sometimes, actors and actresses miss out on awards because it was either too soon or too late. You have to hit a kind of unspoken, magical bubble to take home the gold.

Network Matters

While Girls is an HBO series and also partially written and directed by Dunham, the Golden Globes doesn't limit itself to honoring cable and subscription comedies. It is a hiccup, as I mentioned earlier, but it's not impossible. Tina Fey won for 30 Rock, the Desperate Housewives used to dominate the category, and America Ferrera won in 2007 for Ugly Betty, which like Jane the Virgin, was modeled after a telenovela.

The Bottom Line

However, I predict that if the Globes don't finally recognize Louis-Dreyfus for Veep, the Globe will go to Taylor Schilling for Orange Is The New Black. Netflix has been getting a lot of steam, and while Piper isn't necessarily the comedic center of the show, she does represent it. I'm not saying I'm happy about it, I just don't think Jane the Virgin fans should get our hopes up.

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