Why Did Taylor Swift Give Lena Dunham a Moth For Christmas? She Really Knows Her Friends

Usually, delivering any sort of dead creature to someone's doorstep is meant as some sort of omen or an outright threat, unless said creature comes from the glorious, gift-giving hands of Taylor Swift. Just ask one of the "Shake it Off" singer's best buds, Girls star Lena Dunham, who got a dead moth for Christmas as a present from T. Swift. If it sounds kind of creepy, a quick reminder of the duo's ongoing lovefest should let you know that this gift was meant with the utmost kindness and sincerity. See, it wasn't just scooped up from Swift's closet as a result of excessive preparation for Jay Z and Beyoncé's appearance at her 25th birthday party. MTV reports that Swift had the moth framed as a special gift for Dunham after it died from natural causes.

True to her quirky nature, Dunham absolutely loved her gifts and spoke highly of her friendship with Swift while on the red carpet for the Girls Season 4 premiere. "She got me a couple of really cute, sentimental items that speak to our friendship, framed photographs some other stuff," Dunham said. "But she’s an amazing present giver. She gave me a housewarming gift of a framed moth that died of natural causes, that’s my favorite gift."

See? So it's not so weird after all. If anything, it's just one of many moments that show how sweet T. Swift is, and how she's the best celebrity BFF ever. That probably explains why the list of famous people who love Swift is nearly as long as her list of 2014 good deeds. Plus there are all the moments where she's been beyond compassionate to her fans, including her signature #taylurking, where she lurks on unsuspecting Swifties, leaving sweet comments on their social media profiles.

Now that Dunham's allegedly engaged to her beau Jack Antonoff, we'll just have to wait and see what type of wedding gift Swift has planned and how it will top her gift of a peacefully departed moth.