'Accidental Love' Trailer Starring Jessica Biel & Jake Gyllenhaal Is Here, But Why Did It Almost Not Get Released? — VIDEO

You guys, there is a Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel romantic political comedy movie (it's a mouthful, I know) coming out that we were almost robbed of not seeing because drama in Hollywood! Can you believe that almost happened to us as a nation? The movie in question, Accidental Love (a.k.a., Nailed at one point), was a work in progress back in 2008, when the times were easier and Obamacare wasn't a thing (that's important to the plot, so bear with me). The trailer for Accidental Love , starring a young Biel, Gyllenhaal, James Marsden, and others, has been released on Tuesday in anticipation for it's late February release.

The film is based on the 2007 novel Sammy's Hill, written by Vice President Al Gore's daughter, Kristen Gore. This is where it gets fun, you guys. The movie is about a woman (Biel) who gets accidentally shot in the head with a nail gun (don't you hate when that happens?) and can't get surgery to remove it because she doesn't have health insurance, so she may have to live with bursts of rage and lust forever (side effects from that pesky nail in her brain). Biel's character then travels to Washington to enlist the help of Congressman Gyllenhaal to help those who have "unique" health issues such as hers. So if you're following me... This is a 2008 film, about someone who can't afford health insurance, who goes to Washington... because she doesn't have health insurance. If only there was something now that would take care of that issue of not having health insurance. Oh, wait...

So yes, this script is a little irrelevant now that Obamacare is a thing (what up, 2015!), but at the time, super timely, so kudos to them. So why did it take eight years to make it to the big screen? Well, that's where it gets complicated. David O. Russell, the brilliant man behind American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook, was the director on this film (when it was called Nailed) but quit the movie because of financial issues and delays, according to E Online. According to the Daily Mail, the producer of the film (Lucy Fisher) said in 2013 that the film was "debilitating and devastating" because it had been shut down from production about 14 times. Nothing like some nice words to really get the crowd pumped for this film, huh?

In 2010, O. Russell relinquished his name from the film, which caused producers to put together what they had of the film that we can all see next month. In addition to a release in movie theaters, on Feb. 20, the film will also be available on Video On Demand Feb. 10 (yes, earlier than the theater release date).

Despite the sketchiness of this entire debacle, the film doesn't look bad. If anything, it's like you get to travel back in time for two hours and stare at a then 26, 27-year-old Jake Gyllenhaal.

Images: Millennium Films