'Parks & Recreation' Meets 'Jurassic World'

So we've got Chris Pratt breaking out all over the place into the movie star realm. We've got him on Parks and Recreation taking one last go-round with lovable doof Andy Dwyer. We've got him in this summer's Jurassic World as muscle-y raptor researcher Owen. But what if we combined them? Jurassic Parks and Recreation shows us a world that mashes up some things, and it may just be our most powerful Pratt yet.

Jurassic Parks and Recreation's concept is basically "what if instead of super educated scientist Owen Whatshisname from Jurassic World, we put Parks and Rec's Andy Dwyer in charge of the dinosaurs?"

Things go surprisingly not horribly, given the situation. But still, you know, not incredibly well, because Jurassic movies kind of hinge on things going wonky with the dinosaurs. Add Andy slipping on things? There's just a whole lot of silly up in this video.

Pratt's banner 2014 likely won't turn into a less awesome 2015 unless by some fluke Jurassic World bombs, so hopefully with eventual Lego Movie and Guardians Of the Galaxy sequels we can just mash up all the Pratt movies together into one mega-movie that doubles as a utopic world where everyone is Pratt.

Image: Universal Pictures