Did Brandi and Lisa Finally Make Up?

The feud between Brandi and Lisa is truly the gift that keeps on giving. This particular feud between RHOBH 's Glanville and Vanderpump has been brewing since Season 3, but really came to a head at the end of Season 4. This season of RHOBH there has been limited drama — honestly, it's pretty boring watching these women spend their days drama free. Gone are the days when people flipped tables and pulled weaves. But there was promise for some drama when Brandi and Lisa decided to go to lunch and "smooth things over," but if anything came from the lunch it was that these two women are probably never going to be friends again.

After practically begging Lisa to go to lunch with her, the two met at what was instantly an "abandon ship" situation. Almost immediately, Lisa asks Brandi why she would want to be friends with Lisa if Brandi really thought the things she thought about her. Point Vanderpump. Brandi was really hurt by Lisa, so why does she want her in her life? Lisa also brings up the inevitable: Ken stuck his neck out for Brandi multiple times in the past two years, and the way Brandi turned on him wasn't fair. To support Lisa's POV, Bravo kindly provided a nice montage of Ken standing up for Brandi. But I've got to ask, why is Ken even involved in this? This really shouldn't be about him, yet he has been getting involved since the previous season's reunion. Sit down, Kenny.

Throughout the entire conversation, Brandi was clearly open to making things work... I can't say the same about Lisa. Lisa didn't scream "willing to fix things", so either she is still harboring ill-will towards Brandi, or she is just completely over mending the friendship.

Brandi finally squeezes out an apology from Lisa. It really was a struggle though. Right after, Lisa says, "I can't be the friend that you want," which really just sealed the deal. These two aren't going to really become friends like they were again. Period. Done. Let's stop pulling teeth with these two, and let them be.

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