8 Surprising Vacation Destinations to Visit in 2015, So Start Planning Your Next Adventure Now

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It’s winter and the new year just started, which means two things. 1. We’re curled up with a mug of herbal tea and a copy of Serena. 2. We’re anxiously looking for ways to escape the bitter cold. With days of bleak snow and freezing temperatures in the forecast, now is the perfect time to start planning that dream vacation you’ve always wanted to go on. A quick Google search of “Vacation Places 2015” will turn up millions of hits... so cue information overload and eventual analysis paralysis.

Of course, you can go anywhere you want to go. There are even some places you can go that will allow you to get a small part-time job to fund your stay. But there are so many amazing things to do and landmarks to see in the world, how can you choose just one?

This list is made up of unique places we would love to visit this year, if given the opportunity. Whether you’re into artifacts from 700 B.C., or trekking through the jungle in the morning and sun-tanning along the Pacific in the evening, there’s something for everyone on this list. And if you plan your next adventure now, you’ll have something awesome to look forward to throughout the cold winter months ahead.

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