11 Reasons Benedict Cumberbatch Needs Tom Hiddleston to Play the Role of Cool Uncle to His Child

What does Benedict Cumberbatch's baby news have to do with Tom Hiddleston, you say? Well since the two British actors are BFFs, the reported pregnancy really affects both of them. I'd like to think the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch is expecting a child means that Tom Hiddleston is about to become the cool and fun honorary uncle to Cumberbatch's baby. After all, everyone knows that Hiddleston is pretty great with kids.

Although he doesn't have any of his own, The Avengers star always knows how to handle his younger fans. He even showed up as a surprise to a screening of Thor 2 for underprivileged kids and stayed to watch the film with the children. That's pretty cool.

His general zest for life and fun nature makes him an awesome person, and someone perfectly suited to come in and play baby sitter when Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter need a break. The kid won't even mind that his parents are gone because fun uncle Tom will be there.

Sorry that I'm directing your life again, Cumberbatch. But just like Hiddles needs to be your best man, he also needs to be in your kid's life for the following reasons.

He'd Be Totally Up For Playing Superheroes

And if they like The Avengers, he already has the props/costumes to make play time totally legit.

He's Also Down to Dress Up

Dressing up is an activity kids of every gender enjoy and Hiddles can wear a flower crown with the best of them.

He's Always Wiling to Give a Hug

Look at him holding her hand in the second GIF. It's too much.

He Gets Down on Their Level

Adults who try not to tower over little kids are approximately 358 percent better than regular adults.

And Treats Them With Respect

He didn't dismiss this little kid who just wanted to play Spider-Man with him. He played right back, validating the child's game.

He'd Always Make Sure They'd Get a Good Dessert

Hiddles has a total sweet tooth and has been known to say things like, "custard is very important." So you know he'd take his honorary niece or nephew to get ice cream and other sweet treats often. That's the job of the fun uncle.

He Loves to Watch Animated Features

He'll sit through The Jungle Book as many times as Cumberbatch's kid wants and he'll enjoy it every time.

He Wants Kids Himself

When asked if he wants children, Hiddleston replied, "Yes, very much one day." Now Cumberbatch can let Hiddles practice his dad skills on this child.

He'd Help the Kid Prank His Dad

Growing up, there was nothing better than my mom helping my brother and I set up pranks for my dad. They were as silly as shouting that there was a spider on his head and dissolving into giggles, or setting up trip wires that would pour water on his head. Hiddleston, king of "Loki'd!" would be the best at helping Cumberbatch Jr. get his dad.

He's Patient

He can handle a crazy crowd of fangirls with ease, so hanging with a kid for a little while will be a breeze. (I didn't mean to rhyme that, but it works.)

He's Basically a Little Kid Himself

So he can relate to Cumberbatch's child when he or she finally arrives! Cool uncle Hiddleston is going to be such a wonderful thing for everyone involved, I can already tell.

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