'Downton Abbey' Ladies Playing Cards Against Humanity Is the Cutest and Cringe-iest Thing You'll See Today

In today's "headline you really weren't expecting when you woke up this morning," the women of Downton Abbey played Cards Against Humanity earlier this week. The results were simultaneously adorable, because just listen to their posh accents! And a little uncomfortable, because women the same age as my mom are snickering over "inserting a mason jar into my anus." Which, admittedly, is a pretty great card, so it's not like I can blame them.Lady Edith, Mrs. Hughes, and Mrs. Patmore, a.k.a. Laura Carmichael, Phyllis Logan, and Lesley Nicol, played the infamously politically incorrect game for Entertainment Weekly. The Cards Against Humanity virgins quickly took to the, dare we say, indelicate nature of the game, with Nicol playing the aforementioned mason jar/anus card in the first round. For shame, Mrs. Patmore! Things only got more amazing from there: not long after that, Logan is forced to declare "The class field trip was ruined by... bitches," and all three of them lose their minds when Lady Edith — oops, Laura Carmichael — reads the "balls" card out loud. If your day can't stand to be improved by three seemingly-proper English women collapsing into hysterics over a fart joke then I don't know what to tell you, other than you might need to take a long, hard look at your life choices.Check out the video below: