Ron Weasley Gets R-Rated

Well, it looks like Ron's come a long way from Hogwarts. Rupert Grint, the actor best known for bringing Ron Weasley to life in the Harry Potter series, is set to shock fans on Oct. 11 when his newest movie, CBGB, comes out in theaters. Judging by a just-released CBGB clip, the film looks like Grint is all set to let go of his innocent Potter persona, whether fans are ready or not.

The NSFW clip shows Grint and Justin Bartha as members of "The Dead Boys," a punk group that plays at the iconic CBGB club. Several other famous faces are also seen rocking out at the New York club, which was a major factor in cultivating the city's punk scene.

While Grint stays relatively clean, the activities of Bartha and others in the clip make it so it can only be assumed that the former child star has his own share of R-rated fun in the film.

As if possibly-naked Ron Weasley wasn't enough to make you want to see the movie? Alan Rickman — aka Severus Snape — has a supporting role as CBGB owner Hilly Kristal. Potterheads, get excited.

CBGB, out Oct. 11, also stars Ashley Greene and Johnny Galecki.

Check out the clip below: