'Pete's Dragon' & 7 Other Underrated Disney Films That Need a Live Action Reboot

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Say whaaat!? Pete's Dragon is getting a live-action remake! Holy childhood, Batman! The highly underrated Disney tale of a 'lil orphan named Pete and his INVISIBLE (not imaginary, because he's SO real) dragon best friend is getting a modern update. According to The Wrap, Wes Bentley has just been cast in the upcoming feature, which also stars Robert Redford and Bryce Dallas Howard. Unlike the 1977 original, the new Pete's Dragon won't be a musical. However you can still expect dead parents and loggers threatening the forrest that the dragon lives in because y'know...Disney.

Pete's Dragon is just one of the highly underrated features in the Disney canon. Sure, I grew up loving The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, but Pete's Dragon, along with these seven other Disney underdogs totally stole my heart. Take a look at the fellow lesser-known classics that deserve a modern day live-action update.

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