Ellen Degeneres Debuts Clothing Line By Wearing It To the People's Choice Awards, But Everyone Else Will Have To Wait

Wish Ellen DeGeneres could design your entire life? She can't make you as funny as she is (because that would be impossible), but she can design your clothes and your home decor for you, which is better than nothing. When DeGeneres showed up on the red carpet at the People's Choice Awards, she announced that the white suit she was wearing was from her own clothing line. The good news: If you loved it, it can be yours! The bad news: Ellen's clothing line isn't available until spring 2015, according to Today.

The line is called E.D., and will feature lifestyle items including clothing, home goods, and pet accessories DeGeneres designed along with J. Christopher Burch, the man behind C. Wonder and ex-husband of famed designer Tory Burch. Considering the amount of people who already welcome DeGeneres into their homes every weekday afternoon with The Ellen Show, it makes sense to expand her brand even further. And if her line is anything like the amazing stuff she gives away for the 12 Days of Christmas on her show, I'm in.

And even though DeGeneres has good things coming her way, it still bummed me out when she said that when she and wife Portia de Rossi walked the red carpet Wednesday night, photographers asked her to step aside so they could get photos of de Rossi in her royal blue gown by herself. I mean, obviously De Rossi looked gorgeous as per usual, but DeGeneres is also beautiful, as well as the other half of one of my favorite Hollywood couples. Maybe once she proves that her fashion chops do indeed exist when her new line hits stores, that'll change? Fingers crossed!

De Rossi said that the photographers only did that to get pictures of them separately, but I still hope that changes. We need their awesome relationship to be as well documented as possible!