Jesse McCartney at the People's Choice Awards Proves He's Back & His Soul Is as Beautiful as Ever

Anyone who was a preteen or teenager in the early 2000s, prepare to get excited. Although I thought he was officially out of our popular culture, Jesse McCartney has resurfaced at this year's People's Choice Awards red carpet. He's cute, he's in a purple suit, and he's plugging a new album called In Technicolor, which he apparently released in 2014. I don't know what rock they found him under, or if he was hanging out in a bar somewhere listening to Aaron Carter ramble on about how he could have possibly let Hilary Duff slip through his fingers, but Jesse McCartney is back, and I am so glad.

Other important things I learned from McCartney's red carpet interview: He's on a TV show. How this managed to get by me, I have no idea, considering the amount of time I spend obsessing over ABC Family shows, but he had a guest starring role on Young & Hungry , which stars former Hannah Montana sidekick Emily Osment. I am going to have to find this on YouTube, because I love McCartney's TV roles. After all, who didn't adore Summerland? My crush on a teen McCartney lives on.

Although I'm pretty heartbroken that I've managed to miss the beginning of JMac making his big comeback, there is good news. He's still as good looking as he always was, and I suddenly have the urge to play his Beautiful Soul album and dance around my bedroom, pretending that he's singing to me. If we are in the age of the Jesse McCartney renaissance, I say bring it on.

Fingers crossed McCartney crops up during the rest of the People's Choice Awards! I wouldn't complain if he decides to come out from wherever he's been hiding a little more often.