Who Plays Toulouse on 'AHS: Freak Show'? He Finally Got a Line — And a "Kiss"

The mysterious Toulouse on American Horror Story: Freak Show speaks! He has been on the show, but never truly featured — so who plays Toulouse on AHS ? Actor Drew Rin Varick is the man who gave Bette and Dot the taste of his French tongue in the conjoined twins' effort to find the right person to have sex with. With his name being Toulouse and him being French, it most certainly is a reference to Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. He was a painter in France in the late 1800s who had a disability that left him at 5'1" tall. Fans of Moulin Rouge! should undoubtedly remember him being in the movie and portrayed by John Leguizamo. (Another important note: Toulouse is the name of one Ariana Grande's dogs. Very relevant.)

But back to Varick. On his website, he notes that he is a thespian and stuntman. And that he is "a sizelesssoul in an encapsulated 42" body." His most notable other appearance was in the 2009 movie Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant. But his role in that couldn't have been more memorable than his tongue-filled kiss that was just too much for Bette. I'd love to get his backstory on how Elsa got him to join her Freak Show. Maybe they met in Europe (she is German after all) and brought him to the states with her to liven up the show.

Who knows if we'll get more of Toulouse for the rest of AHS: Freak Show (Bette and Dot rejected him as a potential sex partner). But either way, long live that French "kiss!"

Image: Sam Lothridge/FX