Parents Talk to Their Kids About Birds and Bees

Stop what you're doing. You need to spend the next few minutes of your life watching these kids adorably react to their parents explaining sex to them for the first time. In this series of conversations, the parents often appear just as nervous as the kids when trying to explain how babies are made. Right off the bat, one of the kids says, "Water. Humans are made of water. I knew it," with complete authority, as though he'd been believing this for years without any solid evidence, and here it was, about to be handed to him. There's a little girl who thinks God sent babies down into their mother's tummies (wait—wouldn't that make us all Jesus?) and an awesome little boy who does an action sequence for sperm and eggs colliding (which he learned from his brother who also told him other "badddddd stuff").

When asked to differentiate what makes a man a man and a woman a woman however, things start to get especially hilarious. Don't be sipping any coffee or tea when you watch this, because there's one little boy who points to his mother's downstairs area and says "There's some kind of hold down here, like an igloo." There's also more than one kid who think babies come out of the woman's butt. I won't tell you any more, suffice to say this video is altogether endearing, hilarious, and without wanting to sound like a click-baiting "this video will restore your faith in the human race" type of site, it will give you some kind of hope because there are still lovely little innocent minds out there, and gentle, nurturing parents to guide them.

Image: YouTube