Where to Watch the 'Episodes' Season 4 Premiere

TV is back, y'all. It was dicey there for a while, with every single show on TV either disappearing for a lengthy winter break or coming to an early end after a short season. And now you can help Showtime recover from the loss of Homeland and The Affair by learning where to watch Season 4 of Episodes. And TV isn't just trickling back — we're now facing a full flood of new and returning programming. So if Episodes just doesn't make the cut for your live viewing, you'll be happy to know there are plenty of other ways to watch it. It's practically a public service: watch more TV.

And after the holidays, I know that you've been mainlining episodes of Friends to help with the pain of losing sleeping in, your parents' cooking, or avoiding your parents' cooking by convincing your siblings to go in on a pizza. But you can't eat pizza twice a day every day forever, and while you can survive more easily on watching three episodes of Friends a day twice a day, that won't last forever either. So that's where Cougar Town, The Comeback, Web Therapy, and, this weekend, Episodes come into play. The friends themselves are the best tonic against Friends withdrawal.

Oh, and for those who just clicked on this article because the header image is a picture of Matt LeBlanc, Episodes is a comedy about two British writers who come to America to write a sitcom starring Matt LeBlanc, who is, as you can expect, playing a version of himself. There's also a crazy stalker, amazing and then terrible ratings, and a lot of dry British humor. I know you're dying to watch that season premiere, so here's how.

Live on Showtime

It's possible that you clicked on this article because you do not know anything about Episodes Season 4 and are curious what watching it would mean for you. It's okay! We'll get through this together. If you subscribe to Showtime, you'll be able to watch the Episodes Season 4 premiere live at 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 11.

Right Now on Showtime Anytime

Showtime is fantastic about putting their shows online. They've already uploaded the premiere to their Showtime Anytime site. Bonus? You can watch all three previous seasons, too.

On Demand

If you have a cable subscription but are too busy using it to watch The Walking Dead reruns on Sunday night, you can access Showtime Anytime from your TV.

iTunes/Amazon/Google Play

And if your pockets are deep and lined with fur and iTunes gift cards (the distant relative's favorite gift), why not log on and just buy the premiere?

Images: Des Willie/SHOWTIME; Giphy (3)