Brad Pitt Wore Nail Art at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and It Looked Kinda Cool

Brad Pitt, actor, heartthrob, and Hollywood father extraordinaire, isn't typically adventurous when it comes to personal style. His expertly tailored suits tend to provide a comely blank slate against which Angelina Jolie's red carpet gowns can stand out. But he amped things up for the Palm Springs International Film Festival this year. That's right, Brad Pitt displayed nail art (albeit half done nail art, but I'll let it slide) to the audience and it actually looked pretty rad.

I've known quite a few dudes who paint their nails (I went to liberal arts college, okay) but I have to admit — Pitt really took it to the next level. He flashed his fancy fingers while presenting an award at the festival, showing off the " black, brown, gray, and plum stripes of nail polish on his right ring finger and pinkie," according to Glamour. The other fingers appear to be left totally bare to add an avant garde flare (or to showcase his laziness).

It's unclear as to why the actor thought now would be the time to explore a trend that's been around for decades. Perhaps his inner Tyler Durden is taking over and encouraging him to get wacky with beauty. Or, as Glamour suggests, maybe his kids painted them? I guess we'll never know.

What we do know is that nail art apparently looks stellar with a suit.