Terra Reveals 'Little Women: LA' Season 2 Will Be the Craziest Yet & Explains Its Feminist Message

Season 2 of Lifetime's Little Women: LA has only just begun, but it's off to a very promising start, for the series' fans and stars alike. From surprise pregnancies to cheating allegations to new faces, there's no shortage of drama. At the center of one of the season's biggest storylines is Little Women: LA star Terra Jole, who tells Bustle exclusively, "Last season was a warm-up compared to this year."

"I wasn't expecting for so many things to happen this season. It's been a huge whirlwind. It's like an upside-down roller coaster, you just don't know when you're going to turn back around. And while that's exciting, it's scary," Terra says of this season's many twists and turns.

But what can we expect from the expecting mother's storyline? "I work more on the album. The baby has really consumed a lot of my life, which is expected in any situation," she says, referencing the album that contains last summer's single, "Booty Bee." Terra also tells me that we can expect to see more of her relationship with boyfriend Joe Gnoffo, which will be explored throughout the season as the two navigate their journey towards becoming first-time parents.

According to Terra, there are also new faces that will appear on Season 2, "which is kind of exciting, because it adds a whole new log to the fire." As for familiar faces, Terra shares who we can expect her to butt heads with the most this season. "I've had issues in the past with Christy the most," Terra says. "It may be addressed throughout the season, or the truth between our relationship may be approached."

Terra, who is an actress, celebrity impersonator, and singer, also has a follow up to "Booty Bee" coming out. "There is another song that you will see on the show, which I am really excited about... Currently the prediction is that there will be an album released in late spring."

As a woman in the midst of a booming career, impending motherhood, and giving voice to an underrepresented group on television, it seems like a no-brainer that Terra would be a feminist, and she proudly identifies as one. "Being raised by a single mom, I feel women are just as strong as men, we just come in a different package," Terra says, before explaining the feminist overtones of Little Women: LA. "This show, for me, is a show of six feminists. All of these women stand up on their own, share what they believe in, don't take bull***t for it, and feel like they deserve just as much, if not more, than a man or anybody else."

Images: Lifetime, Richard Knapp/Lifetime