Here's How Men vs. Women Feel About Cheating

Channeling John Gray, BuzzFeed has launched two new videos that boast some Mars/Venus experimentation: “How Women Feel About Cheating” vs. “How Men Feel About Cheating”. And (spoiler alert!) the videos are noticeably, erm, different. While it’s probably fair to assume that whether you’ve been the cheater, the cheated, or a third party privy to facilitating this wonderously disastrous melodrama, you’ve likely got some strong feelings on the matter. But the emotional disparities between the two videos is at least somewhat apparent.

The best way to describe the majority sentiment of men explaining their experience with cheating is, for lack of a better descriptor, sort of like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Like, Oops I cheated and I know it was wrong but I’m older and wiser now, while their female counterparts mostly displayed feelings of guilt and shame, in addition to describing it (as one woman put it) as, “Probably the meanest, evilest thing you can do.” And not to discredit the dudes who’ve dug deep into the depths of some of their most regrettable or scarring emotional experiences, one commenter rightly advised, “Don’t ever get yourself into a situation where you’re potentially dealing with somebody’s angry husband. Not recommended.”

Both genders expressed regrettable behavior when it came to physical or emotional infidelity, but the prize for worst decision making goes to the guy who not only brought his sidepiece home, but had forgotten that he was currently living with his girlfriend. Check out BuzzFeed’s battle of the cheaters below:

Now go forth and be faithful.

Image: BuzzFeed/YouTube