Selfie Stick Sales Are Up 3,000%, Seriously

Coolpicture/Moment/Getty Images

It's time to prepare yourself, fellow citizens of the good ol' U.S. of A., because the selfie stick trend has exploded in the U.S., and it's not going anywhere. America, I thought you were better than this! Apparently U.S. sales of the Selfie On a Stick device have gone up 3,000%, according to The New York Post.With that opening, I should probably clarify that unlike the South Korean government, I'm not against selfies. They're great! How else are you supposed to document your ultra-fab makeup and hair, or tell the Internet how much you love your birth control, or boast about your fabulous new abs? Our generation isn't any more vain or self-centered than any other for using the tools available to document our everyday lives. Also, I'm guilty of all of those things, so.That being said... Ohmygod, selfie sticks look so dorky. If there's a way make them look cool, someone please tell me, because as it is, they just look awkward, with the added bonus of potentially smacking bystanders in the face from three feet away with your phone. However, that didn't stop Americans from buying them as fast as we can get our self-absorbed little hands on them this holiday season. Selfie on a Stick sold out of their stock at Nordstrom three times during the holiday season.

So, unless Bill Gates chose to spend his fortune on selfie sticks, chances are pretty high you either got one for Christmas, or know someone who did. In fact, if you were really good this year, maybe you even got a belfie stick, for all your booty-pic needs. What, you didn't want one? Well, judging from their sales, you'll be able to sell it to someone else in no time. May you stay strong in these troubled times, my friends.