Benedict Could Go Stag To The Globes

It was the baby announcement heard 'round the world: there's a CumberBun in the oven, and the internet basically exploded with a strange mix of joy, happiness, and memes. But, I guess that's what happens when you're Benedict Cumberbatch and announce that you're expecting your first child with your soon-to-be-wife and current fiancee, Sophie Turner. Do you think Sophie Hunter will attend the Golden Globes with Benedict Cumberbatch? (He's a presenter, so he has to show up.) And even bigger question, could the Benedict Fandom even handle something like that?

Though he's literally every all the time and in basically every movie ever made (that's a rough estimate), Benedict usually tends to shy away from huge media blitzes. Like, how remember when there were paparazzi outside the Sherlock shoot, and he took the time to remind everyone that there were more important things to photograph? Honestly, it seems like any media surrounding his upcoming wedding and his future little bundle of joy, might turn out the same way. We're excited about it, but Cumberbatch, being the ever-glowing merchant of joy and happiness that he is, wants to draw attention away from himself and onto other important issues. That's because he's basically an angel.

For the most part, Cumberbatch and Hunter do lead a quiet life, away from the eyes of the Tumblr set. Considering their marriage announcement was simply placed like a regular newspaper, as if they were commoners like us, it appears as if their whole relationship is completely lo-key. Would Sophie even turn up for something like the Golden Globes? She's usually present for other award shows, but with the new baby... it's a toss up.

Attending the Globes would their first public outing since the news of their CumberBaby broke last week. We all desperately want to see them walk the red carpet, but the bigger question is if they want to walk the red carpet. Is Hunter willing to brave the never ending loop of questions about the upcoming bundle of joy? She seems like a pretty cool and fierce lady, but who really wants to answer those trite questions over and over again. From my red carpet professional opinion, I'd guess that she opt not to attend. Because honestly, would you much rather squeeze into a couture dress, or sit on the couch in sweats and eat french fries? The latter, obviously.

But, the internet has other ideas, and Vogue has even gone so far as compiling a collection of dresses perfect for the mother-to-be. None of these dresses look at all comfortable, or even remotely like Hunter's taste.

There's still no official award as to if Hunter will attend the Golden Globes. There are, however, lots and lots of suggestions for baby names. (Call me, you guys.)