Chris Evans May Have Found His Dream Costar

There are a lot of highs and lows that occur during any awards show, but one event that most likely sent many viewers through the roof with joy was when Chris Evans helped Betty White up the stairs at the People's Choice Awards on Wednesday night. The 93-year-old legend had just been named Favorite TV Icon of the year when the Avengers star swooped in like the chivalrous knight in shining armor (or in this case cozy sweater) that he is. Seriously, could these two BE anymore adorable together? (That was a trick question, by the way, because no. No they could not.) I mean, it's not as if we needed another reason to fall further in love with either of these two Hollywood gems. But hey, I'm not one to say no to furthering my celebrity obsessions, so I was ALL about this precious moment.

However, it also got me thinking about how much I would love to see these two on screen together again in a much larger capacity. How, you may ask? Well, by casting them in a film together, of course! Just picture it: Captain America meets The Golden Girls . The Golden America? Captain Girls? (We'll work on the title later.) But the script practically writes itself, don't you think? Especially if we get more stuff like this out of the mix:

"Oh please, good lady, let me and my adorable sweater assist you to your prize." (Little did she know that her real reward would come just before taking the stage.)

Like I said, a complete bundle of cuteness none of us saw coming. And we need more, damnit! So what exactly would a Chris Evans and Betty White movie look like? Why, I'm so glad you asked…

It Would Contain Several Cougar Innuendoes, Obvs.

I mean, when you've got a hot guy and an older woman with perfect comedic timing, there's really no other choice in the matter. You simply have to use it to your advantage. (Plus, I'll pretty much make up any excuse to see Evans with his shirt off.)

A Ton of LOL-ing

Naturally, this will be for many different reasons — one being the aforementioned cougar approach. However, it would also be hilarious if we were to see Betty interacting directly with Captain America himself. Let's not forget that this guy was frozen in ice for a good chunk of his life. So even though he appears to be young, he's actually much, much older than that. Somewhere in his mid-to-late 90's to be exact. So how great would it be to see these two attempting to act the same age? Or better yet, seeing Betty teach the Captain all about what's he's missed throughout the years such as Facebook, Twitter, and Nutella.

A Few Drinking Games

I'm just saying that an Evans vs. White beer pong tournament sounds like a rip-roaring good time. And anyone who disagrees is downright lying. Seriously, let's make this happen, people.

Followed By Heartfelt Chats Over Dessert

And wanna know what goes great with ice cream? Cheesecake.


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