Blue Ivy Had a 'Frozen' 3rd Birthday Party

As if Frozen needed another surge in promotion, it just so happens that one of the movie's most famous fans recently co-signed it in a major way. According to US Weekly, Beyoncé and Jay Z gave 3-year-old Blue Ivy a Frozen -themed birthday party. On Wednesday, the "Flawless" singer shared a photo of the movie-themed affair on Instagram that displayed a number three balloon and a snowflake ice sculpture bearing the words "Happy Birthday Blue." Blue being a huge Frozen fan makes perfect sense mainly because everyone else seems to be obsessed with it, plus she's basically a real-life version of a Disney princess. Still, I totally anticipate this news causing a complete Frozen/Blue Ivy frenzy.

Bey and Jay's daughter already showed us that she can break the Internet when the Vine of Blue Ivy dancing at MTV's Video Music Awards went viral. On top of that, remember what happened when Beyoncé shared the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer on Instagram? That announcement caused the virtual equivalent of a massive stampede, and I don't expect anything less from Blue Ivy. At the tender age of three, this kid has star power embedded in her DNA and pure flawlessness flowing through her veins, so don't be surprised if Blue Ivy's love of Frozen sparks something major.

It'll only be a matter of time before someone starts a petition for Blue Ivy to have a speaking role in the next Frozen film, which has yet to be confirmed (but most certainly will be once producers get wind of this news). Or maybe she can collaborate with Beyoncé on a Frozen-themed song to sell the idea. Oh well, I'm a little ashamed that a 3-year-old's birthday party and a movie about a Disney princess can send my imagination into a total whirlwind, but creative inspiration has come from stranger places, which is why I totally wouldn't judge Disney if in the coming months, there's news of an official Blue Ivy and Frozen partnership.

Check out Blue Ivy's Frozen-themed birthday photo below:

Image: beyonce/Instagram