Idol Contestant Andrew Annello's Silliness Paid Off in the Nashville Auditions

We all know the best part of American Idol is the auditions. I know many people who watch the show solely to see the crazy antics the Idol auditions promise. And the first contestant of Nashville's day two auditions delivered just that — but with a voice to match. Twenty-two year old Andrew Annello from Springville, AL brought tons of energy and silliness to the Idol auditions and blew the judges away — but only after they asked him to ditch the facade and give them a real, raw performance.

The Idol producers LOVE the craziness contestants like Annello bring to the show. But a lot of times it's clear that the producers let certain people through solely for their weirdness and not their voice. While it makes for good television, it is a complete waste of time for the judges and gives away a spot that could have belonged to the next big superstar. But thankfully they found the full package with Annello. His "positive personality" and spot-on Ryan Seacrest impression opened the show with a giggle, but his performance proved that this really is what he's "supposed to do."

The Alabama native began his audition singing Stevie Wonder's "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" which, if you've seen the show before, is definitely an audition favorite. Keith Urban described his audition as a "caricature" and Harry Connick, Jr. called it "silly." The judges are definitely right on this one. Annello's over-the-top faces and exaggerated high-notes ruined the quality of his performance. But thankfully the judges gave him a second chance because he nailed he nailed his rendition of "My Girl" and quickly won over the judges. I'm glad Annello scored that golden ticket to Hollywood because he's sure to bring some life and positivity to the often dreadful (for the contestants, not the audience) Hollywood Week.


Image: Fox (Screenshot)