The Ultimate Confidence-Boosting Playlist: 25 Songs To Listen To When You Need To Be a Boss

Weird, bad, low-energy moods happen to everyone. Maybe you had a weird day at work, or got a salty text from your best friend; Maybe you watched Blue Valentine and are now convinced you will die alone (or at least without having married Ryan Gosling, which is also very, very tragic). Whatever it is, it's making your world feel crumbly and vulnerable, and you don't like it. So, you're having a week. You're feeling inexplicably bummed out and defeated, and awful. You're allowed to wallow and listen to sad music and eat chocolate, because it's okay to feel things.

But once you've cleansed the bad out of your system, you're going to need a recovery soundtrack. Getting your confidence back requires a playlist that will make you feel like a total badass boss who can conquer anything and everything. These songs will pump you up and immediately make you feel a thousand times stronger, tougher, and more amazing. Sometimes all you need is a really good playlist to get you back on your game.

Add these 25 songs to your library (or just subscribe to the Spotify playlist below!), so that the next time you're feeling the mean reds, you know exactly what to do.

1. "Rise" - David Guetta (feat. Skylar Grey)

David Guetta - Topic on YouTube

2. "Radio" - Beyonce

namasayarahsia on YouTube

3. "Infinity Guitars" - Sleigh Bells

SleighBellsVEVO on YouTube

4. "When I'm Small" - Phantogram

Barsuk Records on YouTube

5. "Piece of Me" - Britney Spears

BritneySpearsVEVO on YouTube

6. "You're So Vain" - Carly Simon

Carly Simon on YouTube

7. "Lies" - CVURCHES

ChvrchesVEVO on YouTube

8. "Default" (Mr. Mitsuhirato Edit) - Django Django

Aquinas Baruch on YouTube

9. "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" - Eve Feat. Gwen Stefani

EveVEVO on YouTube

10. "Cherry Lips" (Go Baby Go!) - Garbage

Aro on YouTube

11. "This Year" - The Mountain Goats

TheRealMufflon on YouTube

12. "Elastic Heart" - Sia

SiaVEVO on YouTube

13. "Apply" - Glasser

SOmusicreviews on YouTube

14. "Rifles" - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Rubber Soul on YouTube

15. "Free" - Cat Power

sykid77 on YouTube

16. "I Can't Hear You" - Dead Weather

AilzBabes on YouTube

17. "99 Problems" - Hugo

HugoOfficialVEVO on YouTube

18. "Ain't No Grave" - Johnny Cash

TopRankEntertainment on YouTube

19. "Motivation" - Kelly Rowland (feat Lil Wayne) Diplo Remix


20. "Right Hand Hi" - Kid Sister

PoPAndWopsy on YouTube

21. "Knock 'Em Out" - Lily Allen

Curtis Salmon on YouTube

22. "Yellow Flicker Beat" - Lorde

LordeVEVO on YouTube

23. "Succexy" - Metric

BehindThisMusic on YouTube

24. "Finally Moving" (Remix) - Pretty Lights

AAA FM on YouTube

25. "Creator" - Santigold

yurksemesh on YouTube

Image: SiaVEVO/YouTube