Let's Stop Telling Celebrities to Smile Too

There are several celebrity women who are known (and oft criticized) for their refusal to smile in photographs. Kristen Stewart comes to mind, as does Kim Kardashian and, perhaps most famously, our former Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham. The renowned fashion designer participated in's latest "73 Questions" video, during which Victoria Beckham explained why she doesn't smile for the cameras.

Beckham met with the team in her new London store to discuss everything from favorite color (sunset orange) to the items in husband David's wardrobe that she hates (a full-on Gucci look, whatever that means). The most interesting part of the conversation comes at about one minute into the video when the designer mentions that she hates being asked why she doesn't smile. Naturally, the interviewer follows up by asking that very question.

"I’m smiling on the inside," says Beckham, "I feel like I have a responsibility to the fashion community.” Well, folks, there you have it. Victoria Beckham doesn't smile because fashion. I guess that means she doesn't think grinning is very chic? That seems to be a common understanding among the fashion community. I mean, when was the last time you saw Anna Wintour smile? (Okay, so it was probably in that Ice Bucket Challenge video).

Sure, the reason Beckham gave for her stern demeanor in photographs is a bit muddled, but she shouldn't have to explain why she doesn't look cheerful all the time. Asking that question of celebrities is like the high-brow version of yelling at women you don't know on the street to "Smile, baby!" Just because a person is famous, or a woman, does not mean they have an obligation to smile for anyone but themselves.

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Keep on scowling, Victoria!

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