Dad/Daughter Dance Battle Is Peak #FamilyGoals

If there's one thing I truly love in this world other than pizza, cheese, coffee, and puppies, it's videos of awesome kids dancing. Who knows, maybe I just like to be made feel inferior by talented people younger than me. Luckily, these videos are not at all hard to find; The Internet more or less exists solely for sharing them. We're all just running around the rest of the internet wasting time, waiting for the next video of a talented kid to show up. I shudder to think of our ancestors who only had their own kids for entertainment. I'm spoiled, and I want to see all the hilarious kids of the world doing all of the awesome stuff. My favorite example today: This video of a daddy/daughter dance battle. #FamilyGoals for real.

"Why is this video so great?" you may be asking. Well, for starters, please don't question my impeccable taste, and also, the daughter (who can't be older than 10) totally owns her dad. There's nothing more perfect in this wasted world than the mix of pride and embarrassment on a parent's face when their child bests them at something. The video starts with this girl's dad doing some work around the house, jamming out to A Tribe Called Quest (aka, the perfect Saturday afternoon) when his daughter decides to challenge him to a dance battle. Her repertoire of moves is quite impressive: she's got the "move it like Bernie," the "dirt off your shoulder,", and I think I even saw some You Got Served influences thrown in. Wherever she's learning her moves from, I'm thoroughly impressed.

Image: YouTube