Glee is Back Tonight, So Here's What You Missed!

There's good news and there's bad news: Glee is back on Friday night after a painfully long hiatus, but unfortunately, this is the show's last season. After six seasons and over 100 episodes, this spring will see the end of a show that ended up being quite a phenomenon — let alone the fact that it's responsible for launching so many careers. But before we say goodbye, we have 10 episodes to look forward to, including a two hour season premiere and a two hour season finale. But being that Season 5 wrapped in May, if your memory is a little foggy on what went down, I totally understand. Don't worry: There's plenty of time to catch up before the season premiere with this refresher of everything that happened in Season 5.

But being that this is Glee, a lot of stuff went down. So if you're into the details, you probably want to catch up on the season later. These are the biggest things that happened in Season 5, so strap in, because it's about to be a very bumpy ride. Also, you should probably bring tissues, because if you've forgotten, this is the first season in Glee history that didn't include the late, great Cory Monteith.

Blaine proposed to Kurt, which is adorable in theory but proves to be more difficult than it seems.

Santana, Rachel, and Kurt start working at a diner for aspiring Broadway actors.

... And it's basically exactly the real life Ellen's Stardust Diner in Times Square, which is just kitschy enough to be the best place ever. Personal recommendation: The chicken fingers are fantastic.

They meet Demi Lovato there (who is actually named Dani in the show).

She appears in a bunch of episodes and she and Santana have a thing.

Then, following Cory Monteith's death in 2013, we find out that Finn's died, too.

It's absolutely heartbreaking. If you haven't seen "The Quarterback," just don't. It's brilliantly done and will destroy your soul.

And then Rachel gets a tattoo in his memory.

Much like Lea Michele has done for Monteith. I'm not crying, there's just a branch in my eye.

Rachel gets a role in Funny Girl and gets super pissed off when Santana is her understudy.

Which is kind of awkward, because they're in a cover band together with Kurt.

And eventually, the band becomes a different band with including Lovato and Adam Lambert (who goes by Starchild).

Then the Glee Club back at home disbands, which is another sad episode.

No, for real this time. It's actually over.

And after Kurt tries to save a gay man from an attack, he ends up attacked himself.

Meanwhile, Will and Emma have a baby, who they name Daniel Finn. Aww.

And Rachel gets invited to LA to help make a TV show about her life.

And in the finale episode, she's been invited to film the pilot.

So as you can see, Glee is just as realistic as it's always been. Season 6, please try harder!

Images: Adam Rose/Fox, Giphy (11)