All The Media Outlets Rallying For 'Charlie Hebdo' By Giving Up Their Money, Offices, Or Time

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shooting on Wednesday, French media responded to the tragedy with an outpouring of support. Within 24 hours of the shooting, the surviving Charlie Hebdo staff had vowed to continue printing, and media outlets expressed their support by donating money and aid in order to help ensure next week’s one million copy issue happens. The Digital Press Innovation Fund, a fund by Google, set aside €250,000 ($295,000) for the satirical publication. This donation is matching the €250,000 raised by France's Press and Pluralism Fund.

On Friday, when the surviving Charlie Hebdo journalists returned to work, they were provided with a workspace by the Libération, a daily French newspaper that also provided them with a workspace after their office was firebombed in 2011. According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), Laurent Joffrin, one of the bosses at Libération told reporters during a conference in the Libération’s entrance hall that Charlie Hebdo staffers “need to work with humour.” Le Monde, a prominent French newspaper, provided the Charlie Hebdo journalists with computers.

Soon after the shooting, Le Monde’s chief editor, Luc Bronner tweeted a statement that the newspaper was joining with Radio France and France Televisions to support the Charlie Hebdo team.

According to a translation by Mic CEO Chris Altchek, the statement reads:

Facing horror, Radio France, Le Monde and France Televisions will support Charlie Hebdo and its team to allow that Charlie Hebdo continues to live on. Our companies invite all French media to join us in preserving the right to editorial independence, freedom of speech – fundamental principles of our democracy.

Since then, Guardian Media Group has also pledged to donate £100,000 ($150,000) to aid Charlie Hebdo .

This support from the media is a tangible reinforcement of the freedom of speech and press without interference that publications around the world fight for. Whether or not you agree with the work that Charlie Hebdo publishes, retaliating with violence is not and will not ever be an appropriate response to media. By supporting Charlie Hebdo, these media outlets are making a stand for their rights.

Image: Getty Images