Buckle Up for These Weird 5H Videos

While sifting through any and all performances of songs that will be on Fifth Harmony’s to-be-released debut album, one link listed on the YouTube sidebar caught my attention. “Kristie,” it called out. “Click this link. Watch this video. You won’t regret it.” It was Fifth Harmony’s “Sledgehammer” music video... but with Sims. I cannot resist a Sims version of a music video. So, I clicked. I watched. I lived. I laughed. I loved.

Much to my delight, there is plenty more where this Sims "Sledgehammer" video came from. After "Simhammer" ended, I promptly began flipping through the seemingly endless stream of fun Fifth Harmony videos that call the Internet home. Because of course I did.

Full disclosure: Though I went to a bed at a reasonable hour last night, I did not get a good night’s sleep. Thanks a million, allergies! I'm not grumpy, but I'm definitely in a weird frame of mind. These videos are exactly what my sleep-deprived mind needed.

Here are some of the glorious videos I found online. And no, I am not mocking any of these videos. No teasing happening here. I genuinely appreciate each one of these vids. They have been a terrific pick-me-up on this drowsy Friday.

The Sims remake of the "Sledgehammer" music video

When the five Sims dance in unison during the chorus, my mind enters a zen-like state.

5H does the "Harlem Shake"

I want to learn all of these moves.

Sims dance to "BO$$"

"Wait, this isn't a Sims remake of a music video?" I mumbled at my computer the first time I played this. "The Sims just dance to a 5H song? I don't know about this."I was wrong to doubt. I REALLY like this video.

Weird noises

During a Q&A, the group takes turn making weird noises into the mic. Sure, why not?

5H Dolls

Just showin' off the 5H Barbies. Sure, why not?

A Sims story set to "Miss Movin' On"

The drama! The intrigue!

5H Play-Doh Outfits

Wait. Those outfits are made out of Play-Doh? Seriously? Uh, holy cannoli.