"Anaconda" Has Been 'Sims'-Ified

I knew I could count on the Internet to deliver a Sims remake of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” music video, but I didn’t know I could count on the Internet to put a Sims 4 reimagining of “Anaconda” out into the webosphere so quickly. Great hustle, Internet. Great hustle, YouTube user Shilly Sims4. What a time to be alive.

While Shilly Sims4’s “Anaconda” video doesn’t stay 100% true to the source material (the game has its limits, y'all), it really works for me. It really, really works. Shilly Sims4 made some creative, beautiful choices that almost made me forget about the fanny pack chair dance choreo from the original music video. (Key word: Almost.)

What this Sims remake lacks in rainforest, it makes up for in deck planted in the middle of a suburban neighborhood. A few of my favorite details:

  • Nicki Simnaj and the backup dancers do thousands of pushups in lieu of twerking and humping the ground.
  • The countless crash zooms on Nicki Simnaj's derrière.
  • The lasers that emit from the record player.
  • The neon rabbit that emits from the record player.
  • Nicki Simnaj does a burpee in high heels.
  • Nicki Simnaj, in her Casual Friday Office Presentation best, talks with her hands at the camera in an empty room.
  • Sims 4 doesn't have swimming pools, so at the end of the video, Nick Simnaj stands in a blue bathroom instead of splashing around in a body of water.
  • Nicki Simnaj blows a kiss and then politely dances next to a seated SimDrake.

I've already watched this video nine times, and I will probably watch it at least nine more times today:

Me every time the Sims remake ends:

Images: Shilly Sims4/YouTube; donaldhoward/tumblr