Liam's Got a Colorful Pedicure

This is a trend that I just really hope is not going to catch on. Liam Hemsworth wore toenail polish, so I guess men painting their nails is really a thing now.

We've seen polished fingers from the likes of Johnny Depp to Russell Brand in the past, but it seemed to be some kind of edgy self-expression. It was rock and roll, so no one thought twice about it. Most recently, Brad Pitt wore nailpolish, but it was speculated this was the handiwork of one of his daughters, and not some kind of beauty statement. But The Hunger Games star is taking male polish to a whole 'nother level, because he's rocking a pedicure, and not only that — Hemsworth's toenail polish is rainbow colored. Red, yellow, purple, blue — yep. That's quite a bold pedicure debut.

The 24-year-old was photographed with his colorful toes while in Byron Bay, Australia on New Year's Eve on his way to the beach. Given that he was scruffed up in board shorts, a tank, no shoes, and that New Year's Eve is generally an alcohol-filled holiday — my guess is this was probably more of a joke/dare than actual beauty primping, but rainbow-hued or not — the dudes still hot.

Images: Getty Images; WorldUSNews/Twitter, mileysbomb/Twitter